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Award winning OZ Lifting Products, is committed to providing safe, high quality, and affordable material handling equipment to their customers, with dedication to excellent customer service and support. With direct oversight on all aspects of manufacturing OZ Lifting continues to stay at the top of the Industry in Quality and reliability.  Combine this oversight with the fact that all of the OZ hoists are rigged and the Overloads set at our warehouse in the U.S. we ensure OZ Lifting has complete quality control. OZ Lifting Products have been successfully handling material on the world market for over 10 yrs. we offer an innovative line of tough, all-steel chain and lever hoists featuring overload protection and meet all products standards such as CE, AS1418.2, ANSI B30.21 and ANSI B30.16. Beam clamps and trolleys are also available.
OZ Lifting is now offering new and innovative lifting products, designed by OZ and manufactured throughout the U.S. we are proud to bring them to our customers as Made in the USA.

OZ Lifting Products


In our efforts to continually make improvements on the OZ hoists we have made some changes over the last couple years that set us apart from the competition, you will see the letters NG on our I.D. tag to identify our New Generation hoists. Improved overload clutches, anti-brake lock components and structural improvements are a few changes our engineers have made, marking the OZ hoist as NG should help with any confusion in the market, we have also embossed our handle to clearly read OZ Lifting Products.

The OZ Premium NG Hoists:

  • Overload  Protection factory set in the U.S.
  • Each hoist is individually tested and certified in the U.S.
  • Etched stainless steel ID tag ensures rating identification
  • Lifting the rated load is up to 35% easier

USA Rigged FlagAll OZ Premium Hoists are Rigged In The U.S.A.
Many features and benefits not found on standard hoists,
make our products the safest on the market.

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This is standard on all OZ PREMIUM hoists and is set in the USA. The overload is integral with the hoist and prevents the operator from overloading the hoist. When activated, the overload will not allow hoist operation. When the overload is activated, lower the load (if lifting), or release the load (if pulling). Then select a larger capacity hoist, or contact us for another means of operation.

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hoist built tough
We’ve got a lot of pull in the industry
when it comes to hoist safety.

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Maintenance Breakdown

Breakdown for Chain Hoist
Breakdown for Lever Hoist
Breakdown for N Series Lever Hoist

Identification of model of hoist is on the I.D. tag next to the serial number

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